A couple days ago I went on a walk through the city center of Maastricht to look at the exhibits that were part of Transitions Film Festival.

A couple of the works stood out to me, the exhibits shown in the Transport Artspace (the dungeon where I once also took part in an exhibition). There were looping super 8 videos, titled time sculptures by Roman Signer on one side of the space and on the other side were video sketches by Johannes Langkamp. It gave the room a very unique atmosphere.

The displays were all over the city in unique locations

Another one of the works that really stood out to me was the movie Bloeistraat 11 directed by Nienke Deutz. The skill and dedication to make a compelling stop motion story like this left me, and much of the audience, speechless.

Lastly I was really Impressed by the work of Lola Safari. We took part in an exhibition together once at the transport artspace, that time she displayed a giant bug. This time it was mister frog’s time to shine. He looked passed out from watching tv all night.






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